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The Cluster chandelier is our first cluster model, a cosmopolitan design that looks to the future.

 The chandelier is made of natural wood. Processing and grinding of the product are carried out exclusively by hand with an emphasis on natural texture. The chandelier can be ordered of ash, an oak, or a walnut.

Combining two or more Cluster luminaires together, you get an elegant solution for one large chandelier.


CAD files and Installation guide



 * Adjustable cable length (up to 2.5 meters (99")), hardwired

* 3 variants of LED light color 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K)
* lamp holder MR16
* LED lumens 400L / Delivered Lumens - 200L
* Stylish and slim ceiling canopy with hidden fasteners
* Weight of one cluster is 0.5 Kg
* Material - Solid wood, ash or oak, you can ask also for black or European walnut.
* Oil-wax finishes by German brand Loba - Lobasol.



 * Chandelier: h 2500mm x 200mm x 200mm ( h 99”x 8” x 8” )

* Ceiling canopy for suspended and non-suspended (concrete) ceiling we provide: 50mm x 200mm x 200 mm (2" x 8"x 8" )
* Cord length of lower pendant: up to 2 meters (adjustable). If you need a longer cord, please let us know.


Package included:

 * 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 X pendants depending on your order 

* 1 X canopy box
* 1 X metal cable gripper system
* The special super protective package for worldwide shipping.

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