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Open Box DNA

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Inspired by nature, its processes, and structures, the DNA chandelier interprets molecular compounds. Because of its two intertwined parts, this chandelier looks a lot like a DNA molecule.


Open Box DNA -35%

Wood type - Ash

Wood color -Grey,

Light color - 4000K.

Best for dining rooms, modern offices, lounge bars, staircases, loft interiors.


 * Sculptural form of wooden planks with LED lighting inside. 
* Includes 24V LED power supply (110-240V)
* Adjustable cable length (up to 1.5 meters (59")), hardwired
* Bright LED strip inside (0.8 meters in one bar) UL listed.
* LED light color 4000K
* LED lumens of one bar 450L/ Delivered Lumens - 300L
* Stylish and slim ceiling canopy with hidden fasteners
* Weight of one piece - 0.3 Kg
* Material - Solid Ashwood.


* One bar with LED lighting dimensions L 80mm x 29mm x 29mm (L 31.5" x 1.1" x 1.1")

* Chandelier of 6 bars 
* Cord length: up to 1.5 meters (adjustable). If needed a longer cord, please let us know.


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