Every year we observe, that the demand for Ukrainian products grows not only in the Ukrainian market but also abroad. Ukrainian manufacturers, designers, architects are making exclusive decor and interior items are becoming increasingly popular in foreign markets.
This year, the design studio RM interiors took part in a huge project of HOMEARAMA, which built exhibition houses in Ohio, which used the latest design trends, unique furniture, decor, lighting. Everyone can visit the houses, appreciate the quality of work of different developers and the level of design of various architectural studios, or just pick up something for yourself from interior items.
We are extremely pleased to be part of such a large project, which used our DNA chandelier, which consists of 19 bars, with a total length of almost 6 meters. The DNA chandelier is a spiral structure made of wooden planks and a built-in LED strip. DNA is an assembling model, the total length depends on the number of bars, the length of the chandelier can vary. The DNA model can be installed horizontally or vertically. Also, the presented chandelier is one of the most popular models, nowadays, after all, its versatility allows
use it in any room and various designs.
After our cooperation there were only pleasant impressions, the quote "Why the Next Level Lighting Fixture
Renan wanted to find a way to connect the entire home through a three story drop. Fascinated
by the design and being handcrafted, she knew it would be the perfect fit. Renan admired how it
created a fluid movement without being visually heavy and supported the overall aesthetic of the
home. "
We were also pleased by professionalism of RM Interiors and their wonderful project.
Location: Cincinnati, USA
Photos by: @grupenhof_photo