Hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort & Spa

For Luxury Hotel in Gran Canaria

A Trinity wall lights was the product of choice for the luxury Hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort & Spa in Gran Canaria. In each of their rooms, there is a Trinity sconce.
We created 130 Trinity sconces for this hotel and it was a great pleasure to cooperate with Lopesan Hotel Group.

Sconce Trinity - a decorative wall light of geometric shape in a modern style, made of natural wood. The key idea of this sconce was the visual division of space into smaller elements using simple forms which would be in a harmonious relationship. The 3 main rectangles create 9 smaller rectangles that are knitted together according to the rules of the golden section and therefore the whole sconce looks integral and harmonious.

The Hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort & Spa is located in
Meloneras, the most exclusive tourist area on the island of Gran

The ownership of the images corresponds to Lopesan Hotel Group.

Modular chandelier DNA

DNA at the dinning area.

DNA chandelier can contain from 5 to 16 bars. On the pictures from the privat house in Nevada, USA where used 7 bard light.

The peculiarity of DNA chandelier is that every fourth bar is repeating its placement in space and arose a spiral and resembles DNA.

This minimalistic chandelier is a great addition to any interior.

DNA Vertical in Cincinnati, USA

Project by RM Interioors and HOMEARAMA

The design studio RM interiors participated in a huge project of HOMEARAMA, which built exhibition houses in Ohio, which use the latest design trends, unique furniture, decor, lighting. Everyone can visit the houses, appreciate the quality of work of different developers and the level of design of various architectural studios, or just pick up something for yourself from interior items.

DNA chandelier, which consists of 19 bars, with a total length of almost 6 meters. The DNA chandelier is a spiral structure made of wooden planks and a built-in LED strip. DNA is an assembling model, the total length depends on the number of bars, the length of the chandelier can vary. The DNA model can be installed horizontally or vertically. Also, the presented chandelier is one of the most popular models, nowadays, after all, its versatility allowsuse it in any room and various designs.

We were also pleased by professionalism of RM Interiors and their wonderful project.


Instagrams: @rminteriorscinci & @rmliving

Photos by: @grupenhof_photo


Project designed by Mr. Hiroyasu Matsushima in Tokyo, Japan.

Wooden furniture and dark colors are very popular in interior design nowadays, it is the style of this apartment, the living room has a large hammock and a fireplace to create a peaceful interior.
As the apartment is rented, the interior work is limited by replacing the wallpapers and installing lighting.

We are very pleased that Mr. Hiroyasu Matsushima is working with us for the second time, using our chandelier TORUS MAXI in his project. We are extremely pleased to be a part of such interesting and creative projects.

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We are always open to collaboration and looking to accomplish your beautiful minimalism, loft, and industrial modern interiors with our modern-looking wooden chandeliers.


Project designed by Mr. Hiroyasu Matsushima in Japan, Tokyo.
The interior design of a newly built villa in the countryside of Karuizawa, Japan.

The interior has many openings and terraces so you can feel the forest wherever you are. This is a healing space where you can relax.
Our wooden chandelier INTERSTELLAR XL LUX fits perfectly into the interior of this villa.
Modern and natural design that combines wooden bars with LED lighting.
There is a living room surrounded by woods, and the chandelier is a relaxing space that makes you forget the time in harmony with the forest, which can be seen from the window.

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We are very thankful to Mr. Hiroyasu Matsushima for choosing our lighting fixture for his outstanding project and wish him lots of luxury projects in the most beautiful places in the World.

Parisian designer leather bags shop

Vortex chandelier

The term vortex means whirlpool and now two of our Vortex chandeliers are "whirling", almost in the heart of Paris.

Ukrainian designer wooden chandeliers perfected the world of Parisian designer leather bags.

Combining maximum functionality, clear, polished by hand lines and pure Carpathian wood, the Vortex chandeliers make an accent in the laconic interior of the Ateliers Auguste boutique and harmonize with the brand's collection.

Our product is our passion, and our motto - let the beauty in! 

We thank the owners of Ateliers Auguste, Laurent and Xavier, for allowing us to post these pictures. 


Maison & Object 2019 Dec+ Sep

Maison & Object Deco Fair in Paris

We are so happy and proud to exhibit once again at Maison & Object Deco Fair in Paris. It feels great to become a part of an amazing Ukrainian family the huge project under the name of Ukrainian Design Brands Vol. 3 one more time.

We are grateful to the fantastic staff of the PR agency Maino Design Ukraine who helped us so much along the way and to all the participants of our collective stand which was represented by us and such great and talented projects like Zegen, Vahan Avakian, SleepOnnn and Donna.

And we also want to thank the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the initiative EU4Business which made this project possible.

As always we are passionate about our work and we want to share our world with you. So stay with us and let the beauty in!

INFINITY chandeliers in Grand Kopaonik Hotel, Serbia

We're glad to introduce an amazing project we took part in.
Grand Kopaonik hotel, which has been completely renovated with a new look inspired by elite alpine restaurants. In addition to a new face and a top-quality offer of local specialties, the good old Garden restaurant also got an unbeatable evening program that brings a completely new experience to Kopaonik.
Our chandeliers INFINITY had the pleasure of being part of this incredible project. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by a luxurious and modern interior with our INFINITY chandeliers taking center stage. The chandeliers create a warm and inviting ambiance that is perfect for enjoying a good meal and spending time with loved ones.
Thank you for being with us
Pictures belong to Grand Kopaonik Hotel

Diamond chandeliers in Ferma restaurant

A conceptual family restaurant near Kyiv, in nature. This is a unique place where you can taste dishes made from ostrich meat and eggs, as well as various organic products, which are grown right here on the farm.
The restaurant hall for 200+ guests is an unlimited opportunity for holding children's and adult events, weddings and their anniversaries, birthdays, and anniversaries.
Our chandeliers Diamond decorated this beautiful restaurant, unique design, and soft rays of light create a warm and inviting ambiance. Whether you place it in your entryway, living room, or dining room, the Diamond chandelier is sure to make a stunning statement. Each side of the chandelier is equally beautiful, so you can enjoy its elegance from every angle. Let the Diamond chandelier inspire you to start something new today!