Wood is a material that people have used throughout the entire period of their existence. Wood was chosen for the construction of houses, the manufacture of household items, and, of course, the creation of furniture. Wooden furniture has great advantages, in particular, it is a natural, environmentally friendly material, reliable, and, of course, qualified.

Carpathian wood belongs to wood species of medium strength; it is elastic and rather heavy, has a dense structure; it has a noticeable structure, a silky surface, and a rich color. Also, Carpathian wood is easy to handle by hand, and is well polished and cut, that is why it is suitable for making various models.

Today, despite a large number of artificial materials in production, pieces of furniture made of natural ecological raw materials are invariably present in many houses. And the aroma of the tree, invigorating and fresh, as well as the pleasant design, has a positive effect on the psychological and emotional state. That is why the natural material is harmless and even very useful for human health.