The living room is the most important room in the house, the family spends a lot of time here. And therefore it is important that the chandelier should be not only an element of decor but also should perform its basic functions.

Now on the lighting market, there are so many options for chandeliers that it is very easy for the buyer to get confused. That is why we will help you with your choice

  1. Choose a style.

Choosing a chandelier, take into account the overall style of the interior of the house or apartment. Particular attention should be paid to the color scheme and shape of the room. For example, in the classical style will be appropriate a large chandelier with crystal elements, in the modern - calm, in the form of geometric shapes, in the Scandinavian - simple or wooden, in a neutral range.

  1. Select the appropriate size.

When choosing a chandelier in the living room or other room should take into account the dimensions of your room in which it will be hung. The chandelier should not overload the interior or look small against the background of a large space.

  1. Decide on the color of the chandelier.

Modern designers recommend choosing a color for the chandelier, which is "number 2" in the interior. But it all depends on the overall concept in the design and color scheme of a particular room.

You also need to consider the height of the ceiling, if the ceiling is quite low, it is better to choose a ceiling chandelier, as it will not take up much space, and if the ceiling is high then we can choose a suspended chandelier.

We are happy to help You to make the best choice for your interior, whether it is SCANDINAVIAN, INDUSTRIAL, CONTEMPORARY or MODERN style. In Next Level Lighting collection, you'll find everything including a small wall light for a cozy bedroom and large chandeliers for a gorgeous living room. At the same time - long chandeliers for your elegant stairs.