We are happy to share one great example of a nature-oriented project which we proud to take part with our modern wooden chandelier

Famous interior designer and architect Mr. Hiroyasu Matsushima specializes in luxury condominiums, houses, villas, etc.

"Living space is required to have various elements such as having fun with family, concentrating on business, healing daily fatigue, and entertaining guests.
We fully understand our customers, maximize the potential of the property, and create the optimal living space that suits our customers' lifestyles.
We offer a total of living spaces that are suitable for your stage and enrich your lifestyle." -Mr. Hiroyasu Matsushima

Facts about this project:
The interior design of a newly built villa in the countryside of Karuizawa, Japan.
Despite the fact that the area is situated in the national park, there are strict restrictions on architecture, but the exterior design harmonizes with the surrounding forest with a large roof,
and the interior has many openings and terraces so you can feel the forest wherever you are. This is a healing space where you can relax.
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Our wooden chandelier INTERSTELLAR XL LUX fits perfectly into the interior of this villa.
Modern and natural design that combines wooden bars with LED lighting.
There is a living room surrounded by woods, and the chandelier is a relaxing space that makes you forget the time in harmony with the forest, which can be seen from the window.

We are very thankful to Mr. Hiroyasu Matsushima for choosing our lighting fixture for his outstanding project and wish him lots of luxury projects in the most beautiful places in the World!!!

We are always open to collaboration and looking to accomplish your beautiful minimalism, loft, and industrial modern interiors with our modern-looking wooden chandeliers.

Best wishes!