Dear friends, 

As you know, our company is always moving to new heights, and now we're reaching a new level with our new COB LED strip.

 The COB flex LED strip is a novelty in LED technology. It appeared on the market just a few of months ago. We believe it will become very popular in nearest future. The new COB LED strip doesn't have dots, but looks like a whole light line.

  • 2700K - warm white with orange tint
  • 3000K - warm white with yellow tint
  • 4000K - neutral white
  • 5000K- cold white 


  •  Dotless lighting performance
  •  180 beam angle
  •  DC 24V, 12V
  •  White color 2700-6500K
  •  528 chips per meter
  •  UL listed
  •  RA>90/95



    Short information about LED Supplier: 

    Wisva lighting, known as Huizhou Wisva Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd, a bsi ISO 9001:2015 registered (Reg No.:FM692723) and certified company, updated from Shenzhen Wisva Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. Member of BSCI(DBID:384102) and this company is also listed by CSA Group(Factory ID:4965822) and UL in SER, QSA and CTPAT.

    Currently, Wisva has over 140 workers and over 8,000m2 working area. Wisva has advanced LED strip lights manufacturing facilities such as high speed SMT machines and reflow soldering equipments, capacity up to 1,5 million meters per month. Most of the production process are finished by Machines, like auto soldering machine to connect every pieces of LED Strip Lights; PCB Splitter to separate the PCB; auto rolling machine to pack the LED Strip Lights into reel; auto labeling machine to improve the package.

    As a 10yr manufacturer for LED Strip Lights, Wisva has strict QC system covering from IQC, PQC, FQC and OQC. Wisva also equipped many special machines for different test requirements. Like, salty and humidity testing, High and Low Temperature testing, twist testing and UV testing etc.

    Wisva focusing on LED Strip Lights for the past 10 years, the LED Strip Lights are selling to world widely with CE,Rohs and UL(E476561) listed, also approved under the standard of IEC60598 and IEC 62778