We are pleased to inform you that this year we have become a part of a great project. Our Trinity wall sconces decorated the walls of an amazing hotel in the Canary Islands - Lopesan Costa Meloneras, Resort & Spa. In each of their rooms, there is a Trinity sconce.
We created 130 Trinity sconces for this hotel and it was a great pleasure to cooperate with Lopesan Hotel Group.
Sconce Trinity - a decorative wall light of geometric shape in a modern style, made of natural wood. The key idea of this sconce was the visual division of space into smaller elements using simple forms which would be in a harmonious relationship. The 3 main rectangles create 9 smaller rectangles that are knitted together according to the rules of the golden section and therefore the whole sconce looks integral and harmonious.
The ownership of the images corresponds to Lopesan Hotel Group.