Dear customers! 
Please read the information below to find out all the answers for the most FAQ about our packing and shipping! 

1. How do we ship?

We ship all around the world using Standard International Shipping services. 

2. What is the estimated time of delivery? 

Usually, it takes approximately 2-3 weeks to deliver to Europe; 3-4 weeks to deliver to the USA and Canada; 3,5 - 4,5 weeks to deliver to Australia. These timelines might be reduced or extended (in case of Force majeure cases, like with resent COVID-19 pandemic). 

3. Can you order shipping services like DHL, FedEx etc?

Yes, we can ship with other delivery services. But, not all of our products meet the required dimensions. The rates are higher in 2, 3 even 4 times than the Standard International Shipping. 

4. What to do if you didn't receive your package? 

First, please make sure that the estimated time of delivery had passed and use your tracking number to track your package. Second, contact us if you think that your package went missing. Third, we will file an official inquiry with the shipping service and open a "missing package" case. 

5. Packing.

To provide the maximum safety to our fixtures during shipping we use wooden carcass, carton box, polyfoam and other helpful materials that help us to deliver your light without a scratch. 

Please, don't forget to read our Shipping policy and contact us if you have any other questions!