Have you ever wondered that one of the noblest drawings in nature is wood? People with refined taste use wood itself to create furniture.
Our customers are often faced with the question of which wood type to choose - Oak or Ash.

In this article, we will tell you about these types of wood.
First, of all-why do we chose them. Oak and Ash are hardwoods, they grow longer and their wood is much more valuable. Hardwoods are used in furniture floors, decorations, hardness. Saturation of texture, quality finishing, all this unites Oak and Ash. That is why we are confident in the quality of this wood and in the quality of our products as well.

About the main differences between these breeds. Ash does not have As large cores as Oak, also, Oak is more textured. Ash is more flexible. Natural Oak color is darker, brown, and Ash has a yellowish natural shade.

Now you know the difference between Ash wood and Oak wood, so you can choose the wood type that will suit you perfectly.