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1 keys wireless kinetic energy switch with dimming for our chandeliers.

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Controll your lights from anypoint in your house!!!!!

Wireless kinetic energy switch with dimming function.

Additional option for your chandelier. For example if you forget to install switch on your wall, want to change it location or need additional option like dimming.

Can be installed onto any surfase.

You can connect your chandelier( to it receiver) up to 10 switches if you need. Then you can locate your switches in different places even outdoor.

If you would like to control 2 chandeliers using one switch - you need 2 receivers.


Quick press = on/off
Long press = dimming

*1 hang switch ( if you need 2 hang switch please contact us)
*Waterproof - IP 67
*Warranty 1 year.

We can shipp your swiches sets to you together with your chandelier order or separately.

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