Recently we produced one of our biggest projects - chandelier DNA with 24 bars, 307 inches, for our customer from the United Kingdom.

More about DNA chandelier - Link

 We did a photoshoot for this chandelier in an old building of the authentic architecture of our region.

"Installation process took an hour. Maybe it could be less if we not filming all the processes. But Protoshooting took 5 looong hours, because we wanted to catch this beauty during the day and also in the evening . To see how much lights produce this chandelier and is it will be OK for that size staircase. Me with my camera were walking around this "cascade of lights" and I probably made 25-30 climbings to the 3td floor. That was the most exhausted of my photoshootings "- Artem Kolyuka

 We got a lot of pleasure and positive emotions while working on this project. There is nothing more motivating than moving forward to new heights.


“I think there was enough light for a staircase of this size. Outside view - courtyard. During the Soviet era, this building was used as a military hostel for officers, since it is located in the center of our city, in close proximity to the river and historical monuments."